Our philosophy

Our philosophy stems from our vision statement of ‘exceeding your expectations’ and is central to all our practices. It is firmly grounded in being an authentic and trusted advisor as we deliver a consistent and reliable approach to supporting educators/teachers and parents’ provision of optimal learning environments for the children in their care. We offer high quality resources (many of them exclusives) and provide guidance as to the best ways they can be used to support a child’s individual strengths, interests and needs. We continue to evaluate and improve this guidance and maintain currency by updating according to changes within the industry. We ensure the integrity of our support by engaging academic consultants. We believe that children have the right to a supportive, developmentally appropriate challenging environment that offers opportunities for experimentation and play-based learning. We realise the significance of Skill building,Problem solving,Imagination,Communication and Ego building (SPICE) and the part it plays in the development of a child's self-confidence, independence and decision-making skills; so equipping them for success now and in their later years. We agree that: “Children’s play is their way of learning what no adult could teach them; they learn how to interact, how to solve problems, how to master challenges, how to communicate, how to co-ordinate their actions, how to handle frustrations and how to use their imagination” [Dr John Irvine]

We are a team dedicated to constant improvement of our processes and products, to effective communication with the education and care industry and we are focused on a child’s right to thrive and reach their potential.